Saturday, January 5, 2013


Pizza is pretty much at the top of my list of things I could happily eat every day until I died. We usually have a selection of ingredients in the refrigerator for toppings but do not have an easy pizza dough recipe to fall back on. This dough recipe is literally the easiest recipe you could ever make and it pays huge dividends. It is fast and only has a few ingredients. We have a tiny oven and I made Calzones so that I could fit more in at a time. The ingredients shown will make one large calzone or one standard pizza.

Lemony Pancakes

The best thing after a big night out is a giant breakfast to cure your hangover. Neal and Laura visiting guaranteed that we would be having a giant breakfast.

This is my favorite pancake recipe because it makes fluffy but not dry pancakes that are almost a crepe in consistency. The burst of citrus makes every mouthful worth it.

They are a little time consuming to make depending on how many you plan on cooking at a time. I wake up early so I amused myself by making one medium/large pancake at a time and warming them in the oven until everyone dragged themselves out of bed. I made a double recipe and it makes 15 – 20 that fed 6 people.