Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Toasted Asian Subs

If you have ever been out for a night with me in Calgary you will know I love Toasted Asian Subs. My Dad can be credited with getting me to try one years ago when he would bring random “scary” foods home for the family. He convinced me once that a jalapeno was a type of pickle with disastrous results… me running around the house screaming my head off foaming at the mouth like a rabid banshee. As I get older it turns out that I really enjoy “scary” foods.

My lunch opportunities are pretty limited at work so I decided to make a bunch of subs on Sunday, and then eat them over the week. It was a good plan at first, but the subs ended up being too good to resist and my rations immediately depleted.


-         Beef or chicken
-         Baguette
-         Peanuts (crushed)
-         Chilli Pepper
-         Sriracha Hot Sauce
-         Teriyaki
-         Lemon Grass Paste
-         Garlic
-         Onion (white or green)
-         Garlic Lime Aioli
-         Cucumber
-         Cilantro
-         Grated White Cheese- We used Edam
-         Carrot
-         Cooking oil

It turned out to be really easy to make an amazing sandwich with little effort. I marinated the meat in lemongrass paste and teriyaki sauce. While the meat was marinating I shredded the carrot, sliced the cucumber, smashed up the peanuts and tore up the cilantro.
In a pan I heated up some cooking oil and added some chopped garlic and the chilli pepper. This cooked for a bit and was then spread on the sliced baguette. In the same pan I cooked the meat. I would prefer to BBQ the meat but we don’t have these luxuries in our apartment.
Spread the aioli, hot sauce and cheese on the bread, (over the garlic and chilli), and toast it in the oven. The rest is really easy…throw all the ingredients on the melted cheese bread. This is guaranteed to be more impressive when you pull it out for lunch instead of PB & J.


  1. "Asian subs"? GTFOOHWTBS! Vietnamese my friend, called Bánh Mì. Either way nice work.

  2. Hello There,
    Jeff and I are aware that they are not just 'Asian Subs', Jeff simply called them this for the sake of more blog hits...


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