Thursday, November 28, 2013

Stuffed Pizza

Jess had plans last Friday so I decided to stay in and have a "man" night to myself. I had a healthy supply of Basketball on TV and scotch to keep me hydrated. The only thing I was missing was something grimy to stuff my face with. I decided I would combine my Carmine's Sauce and Deep Dish Pizza posts into one super meal. If you ever need to increase the amount of processed meat and in your diet this is the fastest way to bump your numbers.
Stuffed pizza is another "Chicago" product and takes a Deep Dish pizza and adds another layer of crust. This layer adds to the structure of the pizza and acts almost like the club layer in a Club Sandwich. I didn't change any of the quantities of the recipes; I just ended up dividing the dough 60/40 instead of of 50/50 using the smaller piece as the topper. I also ended up with extra sauce but threw it in the freezer to use later. I also blended up some of the sauce to make it more pizza saucey. Realistically this was way over the top for a pizza, I used 6 types of meat and 3 types of cheese, and it probably was about $40 for everything.

Here are all the parts waiting for me to put them together.

Here is the build up.

And finally the pay-off.

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